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Cobots can potentially earn back the investment in as few as 200-300 days.
Fast payback period
The longer it takes to set up automation, the more expensive the initial investment gets.
Short set-up time
Cobots are designed to be user-friendly and easy to program, eliminating the need for an engineer.
Easy to program
Collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to work together with humans. This is in stark contrast to the traditional, stationary industrial robots that work separately and in isolation from human contact.
3 reasons YOU should invest in cobots
Fabio Rossi
Often with my team, we discuss what challenges next generation cobotics will have to take into account. With ELITE ROBOT, we are working on a new way of doing Cobotics, modular, scalable and therefore sustainable over time.
 Jorge Neiva
After careful consideration and comparison, Jorge and his team decided on Elite Robots. He was aware that the price had to be significantly lower than the market leader. Meanwhile, the free training programme is also an important point. 
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